Your 6-Day Road Trip

History comes to life on this road trip across Virginia.

Your journey starts in Coastal Virginia, where you’ll spend three days at living history sites and museums that recreate life in the 17th and 18th centuries. Then visit the homes of former early American presidents in Central and Northern Virginia.

Road Trip Map

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The Journey Begins

Arrive in Williamsburg. Stay in the heart of America’s Historic Triangle at one of Colonial Williamsburg’s official resorts, such as a colonial house or the Williamsburg Lodge.

Once you arrive, visit a Colonial Williamsburg ticketing location to redeem your discounted America’s Historic Triangle ticket, which includes admission to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Settlement, American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, and Yorktown Battlefield.

Fuel the adventure ahead with dinner at a historic tavern.

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg.

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Day 1

Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Ships
Jamestown GalleriesJamestown VillageJamestown Blacksmith

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Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum that tells the story of 17th-century Virginia, from the arrival of English colonists in Jamestown in 1607 to the events that planted the seeds of a new nation.

The world of Jamestown, America’s first permanent English colony, comes to life through film, immersive gallery exhibits, and outdoor living history.

  • Explore the cultures of the Powhatan Indians, English colonists, and west central Africans who converged at Jamestown. View 1600s artifacts and dynamic films, including the 4D experiential film “Bacon’s Rebellion.”

  • Outdoors, climb aboard a re-creation of one of three 1607 ships to learn about the 144-day journey across the Atlantic.

  • Hear a matchlock musket fire in the re-created colonial fort and learn about the Virginia Company of London's 1610-14 military outpost. 

  • See the Powhatan way of life in a re-creation of a Paspahegh town, based on archaeological discoveries of a site near Jamestown.

Learn more about Jamestown Settlement.

Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne

John Smith Statue
Yamestowne Tag
Jamestowne Fort

Drive Time from Jamestown Settlement: 5 Minutes
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Walk in the footsteps of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas at the original site of Jamestown.

  • Witness the moment of discovery as Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists excavate the 1607 James Fort site.

  • Explore the Archaearium, an award-winning archaeology museum, featuring more than 4,000 artifacts recovered from the fort.

  • Visit the Memorial Church and 17th-century church tower; stand in the exact spot where the first legislative assembly met in 1619.

  • Join a walking tour with an archaeologist or park ranger to dig deeper into Jamestown history and learn more about recent excavations.

  • Stop at the Glasshouse of 1608 to observe artisans practice glassmaking, one of the earliest industries attempted on the island.

  • Walk, run, bike, or drive the Jamestown Island Loop Drive, a five mile self-guided driving tour that explores the natural environment and history of the island.

Learn more about Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne.

Day 2

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Carriage

Drive Time from Jamestown Rediscovery: 20 Minutes 
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Spend a day at Colonial Williamsburg, the largest outdoor living history museum in the United States.

See what life was like under British rule for 18th-century Virginians living in the colonial capital of Williamsburg.

  • Tour the Governor’s Palace, where you’ll explore the seat of Royal power in Virginia with costumed interpreter tour guides.

  • Meet Nation Builders, historic figures associated with 18th-century Williamsburg who made significant contributions to the American story. 

  • See 18th-century crafts including blacksmithing, weaving, and carpentry throughout the Historic Area.

  • Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the colonial capital.

  • At night, take the Haunted Williamsburg tour to hear colonial ghost stories and tales of creepy modern-day encounters.

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg.


Day 3

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Colonial Farm

Drive Time from Colonial Williamsburg: 20 Minutes
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At the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, hear the story of the nation’s founding, from the twilight of the colonial period to the dawn of the Constitution and beyond.

  • Discover the people and events of the American Revolution through indoor galleries that feature period artifacts, immersive environments, and films.

  • Cover your ears for daily artillery firing demonstrations in a re-created Continental Army encampment.

  • Learn about period cooking, farming, and fiber arts at a re-created Revolution-era farm, based on a real 18th-century York County family.

  • Take in “The Siege of Yorktown,” an experiential 4D film with a 180-degree surround screen and dramatic special effects.

Learn more about the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.

Historic Yorktown

Nelson House

Nelson House, Yorktown

Drive Time from the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown: 2 Minutes

Stroll along the Yorktown riverfront and visit charming boutiques and locally-owned restaurants, such as: 

View more shops and restaurants at

Yorktown Battlefield

Yorktown Battlefield

Drive time from Historic Yorktown: 5 Minutes
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At Yorktown Battlefield, see the fields, earthworks, and historic buildings where American independence was won. 

In the fall of 1781, allied American and French forces besieged General Charles Lord Cornwallis’s British army. Cornwallis surrendered on October 19, ending the war and ensuring independence.

Use the online Yorktown tour guide to take two self-guided driving tours of the battlefield.

Day 4

James Monroe’s Highland


Drive Time from Yorktown Battlefield: 2 hours
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Highland, the home of James Monroe, fifth president of the United States, is adjacent to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Purchased by Monroe in 1793, the property was home to the Monroe family for nearly 25 years. Highland interprets the period of Monroe’s public career, including the experiences of enslaved African Americans who lived on the property.

View building exteriors and outdoor landscapes of the property that was home to James Monroe, his family, and enslaved men, women, and children.

Learn more about Highland.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Inside the Mansion

Drive Time from Highland: 10 minutes
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Looking for an outing that combines fun, learning, and plenty of fresh air? Visit Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s mountaintop plantation outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • See Monticello in a new light with the guided Highlights Tour, or explore all three floors of the house, including the iconic Dome Room, on the Behind the Scenes Tour.

  • Meet Thomas Jefferson, interpreted by Bill Barker, on select days.

  • Take an outdoor guided tour to learn about Monticello’s enslaved community or gardens, included with admission.

  • Stop for lunch or snacks at Monticello Farm Table, an on-site café serving dishes with seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in Monticello’s gardens.

  • Enjoy miles of scenic hikes on the Saunders-Monticello Trail.

Learn more about Monticello.

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Day 5



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Drive Time from Monticello: 10 minutes

Charlottesville is home to the historic pedestrian Downtown Mall, which is one of the longest of its kind in the country. Featuring restaurants and shops, the Downtown Mall is vibrant year-round and open to visitors looking to dine al fresco.

A mile down the street, head over to the University of Virginia (which Thomas Jefferson founded – and is a UNESCO World Heritage site) for a tour of the prestigious grounds. Don’t forget to glimpse inside the iconic rotunda.

If you’re spending more than a day in the area, venture out to Albemarle County to a vineyard (or two!), one of the top wine destinations in the world, with more than 35 wineries from which to choose.

Hiking and biking options are plentiful in the region, including trails that wind throughout the City and Albemarle County. The Blue Ridge Parkway meets the renowned Shenandoah National Park, just a 30-minute drive from downtown Charlottesville.

Discover more about Charlottesville & Albemarle County at

James Madison’s Montpelier


Drive Time from Charlottesville: 45 minutes
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Montpelier is the home of fourth President James Madison and his wife Dolley Madison, America's first "First Lady.” It was also home to six generations of enslaved African Americans.

  • Take a guided “Highlights of Montpelier Tour,” which includes three select rooms in the Mansion and outdoor locations. You’ll hear about the personal and professional life of America's fourth president, how he and Dolley lived and entertained, and how he became known as "Father of the Constitution."  

  • Uncover the rich history of James Madison’s Montpelier on a guided tour. Explore the histories and legacies of James and Dolley Madison, the enslaved community, and the Constitution as you journey through the landscape and inside the Madisons’ home. 

  • Hike more than 8 miles of trails that wind through horse pastures, wildflower meadows, and forests, and see spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Wander the two-acre Annie duPont Formal Garden featuring formal walkways, sweeping beds, an herb garden, and marble lions and urns.

  • Visit the Madison family and enslaved cemeteries; Mr. Madison’s Temple; and active archaeological dig sites (seasonal).

  • Spend time in the Museum Shop, which features beautifully-handcrafted and locally sourced items, children’s activities, books, and more.

Learn more about Montpelier.

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Day 6

The final day of your road trip takes you to Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

Start your day by discovering this region’s natural beauty and rich history along the banks of the Potomac River. Your stops include George Washington’s Mount Vernon and George Mason’s Gunston Hall. 

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Mansion
Dogs Welcome

Drive time from Montpelier: 2 hours
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George Washington’s estate is one of the most visited historic homes in America and is open 365 days a year.

  • Explore the landscape, including Mount Vernon’s four gardens and a working farm, where you’ll meet heritage-breed animals.

  • Take the free Enslaved People of Mount Vernon tour to learn about those who were enslaved at Mount Vernon.

  • See George and Martha Washington’s final resting place.

  • View original artifacts inside the museum.

View more activities at Mount Vernon.

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George Mason’s Gunston Hall

Gunston Hall

Drive time from Mount Vernon: 20 minutes
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Sometimes referred to as the Forgotten Founder, George Mason was an architect of the American Revolution and a leading proponent of both limiting government tyranny and protecting citizens’ rights.

As the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and Virginia Constitution, Mason had a profound influence on his own state and the constitutions of the other states that first formed our country. Thomas Jefferson paid homage to Mason by incorporating ideas and language from the Virginia Declaration of Rights into the Declaration of Independence, and James Madison drew heavily upon Mason's work for the U.S. Bill of Rights.

  • Tour the historic Georgian mansion with its elegant and well-preserved mid-18th century interiors. Explore what they tell us about the lives of the Mason family, the people they enslaved, their indentured servants and tenant farmers.

  • View the on-going restoration of our historic garden, its plantings and terraces. Don’t miss the views of the Potomac River.  

  • Visit the exhibition Revolutionary Rights and connect with the ideas that define our country. Learn how founding father George Mason’s 1776 Virginia Declaration of the Rights influenced the Declaration of Independence, the US Bill of Rights and France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Examine the history and legacies of George Mason’s work.  

View more activities at Gunston Hall.

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Fairfax County

Fairfax County

Nestled in Northern Virginia just across the Potomac River from DC, Fairfax County offers an enticing mix of big-city amenities, small-town charm and picture-perfect natural surroundings. There's something for everyone, regardless of the season.

Rediscover America's history through countless historical sites and hidden gems. Unwind at one of our many breweries and wineries. Connect with nature at our endless parks, rivers and outdoor escapes. Dive into a world of global cuisine and renowned arts and cultural performances at a variety of venues for a memorable night on the town.

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